Vidhaata (1982)

3 December 1982 | 168 minutes | Drama | Action


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Shamsher is driven to become a gangster and smuggler to protect his grandson from the same fate that befell his son. However, Shamsher’s past catches up with him and might cause him to lose the only family he has left.



Shamsher Singh (Dilip Kumar) works as a railway engine driver. His son Pratap (Suresh Oberoi) has recently been appointed as an Inspector. Jagawar Chaudhary (Amrish Puri), a smuggler and gangster has terrorized their village with his oppressive activities. He commands Pratap to let him, as well as help him in his illegal activities. Naturally, Pratap refuses. So, Chaudhary murders Pratap mercilessly. Driven mad by his son’s death, Shamsher goes on a killing spree among Chaudhary’s thugs. He is stopped by the police, but escapes before he can be arrested. Meanwhile, Pratap’s wife gives birth to their son, but dies during delivery. The boy is named Kunal. Shamsher steals the baby and escapes. Years later, we see Shamsher working for Mizya (Shreeram Lagoo), a dreaded underworld ganglord. Shamsher has risen in the ranks and assumed a new identity called Shobraj. He is responsible for managing Mizya’s business and his trusted man. Kunal (Sanjay Dutt) is raised under Shobraj’s strict surveillance. Shobraj hires Abu Baba (Sanjeev Kumar) to be Kunal’s constant companion/guardian/bodyguard. Kunal is in love with a girl named Durga (Padmini Kolhapure), but Shobraj opposes their marriage citing Durga’s low social status. Shobraj goes as far as threatening Durga’s mother to leave the city, so Kunal can move on. However, Chaudhary learns of Shobraj’s rising infamy and realises that he is Shamsher. He hatches a plan to seek revenge. Kunal will soon learn the truth about his past and his grandfather’s true identity.

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Studio: Trimurti Films Pvt Ltd
Distributed By: Eros International, Shemaroo Video Pvt. Ltd.

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